Columbia, Gem of the Southern Mines

Downtown Columbia is a State of California Park. The State keeps Columbia as Historically accurate as possible. You'll find that the shopkeepers all dress in Historically Accurate Costumes. It's as though you've gone through a portal into the past.

Visiting Columbia

It's as though you've gone through a portal into the past.


Fireman's Muster

Imagine, a hot day. You're downtown Columbia California surrounded by all of the 1849 architecture. Then the antique Fire Trucks come down the road.

A handsome, young Fireman, jumps out to set up a Bucket Brigade. He invites you to join him, side by side, you're having the time of your life.



We have the full compliment of business to fulfil your every need. From lodging and meals to shopping. We also have some that you just don't find other places, such as Gold Panning. You can make candles, buy an ice cream or pan for gold, right here on main street in Columbia. You can't do that in very many places.


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